The world is facing an urgent problem of lack of adequate housing in developing regions. According to the United Nations, around 1,000 million people live in marginal neighborhoods and inadequate homes.

In order to palliate the effects of this issue, a group of companies in the architecture and engineering sector got together to create a constructive system that allows the production of decent social homes at a lower cost. This was the reason why Solid Home Housing was founded.

SHH has developed a constructive system that is based on the industrialization of the housing construction process, which allows a greater production rate at a lower cost. However, above all, it ensures quality, time and cost of the homes from the first moment.

To give a response to the implementation of the Agenda for 2030 of Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda of the United Nations, SHH has reached a partnership agreement with WFWO, la delegación de ONG del Departamento de Asuntos Económicos y Sociales de Naciones Unidas

The SHH and WFWO partnership contributes to the achievement of 6 out of the 17 sustainable development goals of the Agenda for 2030, with the aim of improving living conditions through providing better homes.