Advantages of manufacturing in the country

  • Taking state-of-the-art technology to the destination country
  • The project will use all the necessary raw materials existing in the country: cement, steel, windows, doors, installations, fixtures and fittings, etc.
  • Generating local, skilled jobs, with training provided by the company itself
  • The reception of a major investment

1. Quality

Pre-defined quality throughout the production process. The company’s own construction system uses concrete of 900 kg/cm2, whereas traditional buildings employ about 240 kg/cm2, making ours much more durable and safer.

This concrete allows for vertical expansions in the future, due to its great strength.

Our solution enables the generation of a real estate asset, even in the lowest level of society. The SHH system ensures that after 20 years the buyer will have a property that represents a strong investment.

2. Delivery times

Deliveries are made on time thanks to the production system we use, similar to an automotive assembly line.

A constant rate of production.

Weather does not affect the production rate.

3. Better prices

SHH offers better prices for the same specifications and materials

With our industrialised system, the manpower dedicated is 1.5 per house.

Raw material losses are 0.5% for concrete, and 0.2% for steel.

How much would an economy car cost if it had to be assembled by hand?


The company would hire and train a minimum of 150 workers, in addition to generating 450 indirect jobs through subsidiary companies.

Solid Home Housing