A new concept in house construction

We live in a world where consumer goods are produced industrially: cars, telephones, watches, computers, clothing, etc. And those that are produced manually are usually reserved for luxury goods: yachts, Ferraris, works of art, etc. And yet, we continue to build houses by hand. Why?

SOLID Home Housing – A new concept in house construction

This is the first successful 3D housing production system.
The pilot project is in its fourth year of production. We currently produce 3 60 m2 houses, totally finished, every 24 hours.
The pilot plant has produced more than 4,000 homes.
At this time the project is fully consolidated, which allows us to replicate this technology in other countries.

The industrialised system makes possible:

Despite being an industrialised system, it is totally versatile, accommodating different:

  • Sizes: From 20 m2 up to 200 m2
  • Finishes: For subsidised, middle-class or premium housing
  • Types: Detached or semi-detached dwellings, or apartments of up to 6 floors
Solid Home Housing

Solid Home Housing

The industrialised system guarantees:

  • Pre-determined quality throughout the production process
  • On-time deliveries
  • Better prices for the same specifications and materials

Earthquake-resistant homes

Solid Home Housing