Production comparison

Conventional System
  • It takes some 2 months to hire all the staff and acquire all the materials and tools to begin a project.
  • After 2+6 months the first set of houses is delivered, and then it takes 6 more months to build the second set.
  • There is a decreasing rate of construction due to the need to allocate 20% of the workforce to fix flaws in the homes delivered.
SHH Industrialised System
  • In the 6 months during which the SHH factory is built, the company hires and trains all the personnel necessary.
  • SHH makes periodic deliveries of houses as they leave the factory. Deliveries are continuous.
  • A linear construction rate, without interruptions.
Solid Home Housing

Industrialised system

  • A single worksite, concentrating personnel, material and machinery to build a group of houses.
  • Very limited losses of raw materials due to the automated assembly line system employed.
  • Total control over the stock of material due to the concentration of the work at a single located, continuously monitored and audited.
  • Effective personnel control thanks to the single worksite. Staff numbers are tailored to actual production needs.
  • Comprehensive oversight to track quality and work performance at the production plant.
  • The closed and climate-controlled facility provides for constant production, even during inclement weather.

The houses

The houses are produced using reinforced concrete of 900 kg/cm2 that is 7 cm thick, which makes them very strong and durable. This construction system is common to all the models regardless of their size and features.
The price of the most economical house, fully finished, starts at:

220 usd / m2

* These prices are contingent upon the cost of raw materials in each country

Traditional method for 1,000 houses per year

Solid Home Housing

Do you believe that there are 5,000 workers qualified to carry out the necessary work close to the worksite?
Do you believe it is possible to ably manage this volume of personnel and material?
What services do 5,330 people need at the worksite?

  • A major deployment of material, personnel and machinery to build a group of houses.
  • Significant losses of raw materials due to the manual construction approach used.
  • Problems with the material in stock, as it is very dispersed and poorly tracked. There is some material loss by the personnel.
  • Monitoring to detect ineffective personnel. Each construction project has a team assigned to it, but it is difficult to assess their actual efficiency and performance.
  • Weather affects the quality and execution of the work. The same quality cannot be ensured in all buildings.