Work Area Services

SHH can also take charge of the urbanisation of the area, the infrastructure, and equipment needed.

SHH is part of the GAPTEK Group, and Gaptek can facilitate the establishment of services, schools, neighbourhood health and social centres, etc., thanks to its modular aluminium construction system.


Solid Home Housing

Gaptek is a company specialized in aluminum construction of rapid deployment buildings such as hangars, large span buildings, warehouses and modular architecture.

We have different product lines suitable for different environments and needs. We have extensive experience in design, engineering, production, installation, maintenance and, above all, integral management, always with the aim of reducing costs and time.

Our mission is to supply buildings with the characteristics of a tradictional construction but with the particularity and main feature that all Gaptek products are deployable, removable and relocatable.

Our product line is: MRO hangarsRural Habitat Support ServiceModular EquipmentWarehouse and Military hangars.